Norbert Mihaly SIMÓ

Norbert Simo'Mihály Norbert Simó, born in 1998, has been studying violin since the age of 6. He started his studies with Prof. Valeriu Moldoveanu and Prof. Adrian Pipas and later with Prof. Marianna Negrut. In 2014 he moved to Vienna and he is currently studiyng with Prof. Lucy Hall. He performed in private recitals and local competitions in Romania as well as in the “Goldener Saal” from Vienna. He is currently working on his reperoitre, including the 3. Partita by J. S. Bach, the 2nd violin concerto by Wieniawski, and other virtuous pieces. He also plays constantly in the J. S. Bach Musicschool-orchestra, but also in a chamber music formation. He took part on masterclasses held by Taras Gabora, Gilles Apap, and Christian Dallinger.