Nicole Schmidt2

Nicole Schmidt is a Canadian born violinist who lives in Langley BC. She is 16 years old and has been playing the violin for 11 years, after starting lessons at age 5. Nicole began her musical studies at the Langley Community Music School in Orff classes as a toddler, and has continued to study at the school for her music education. She also participates and has participated in many areas of musical study, such as Music History, Harmony, Rudiments, Chamber Music, Orchestral and solo performance. Nicole has recently began studying with Jeanette Bernal-Singh, a member of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and previously studied with Luiza Nelepcu, a teacher on staff at the Langley Community Music School. She enjoys performing in a variety of settings including volunteer events in her community, festivals and concerto competitions. She also enjoys performing with her student quartet, Quartetto Colore in a variety of performance settings. Outside of musical studies, Nicole is an avid student with interest in mathematics and physics.