Natalie Lo

Natalie Lo began her piano studies at the age of four. She studied at the Vancouver Academy of Music under Lorraine Ambrose, and is currently working towards her Bachelor Degree in Piano Performance from the University of British Columbia under Dr. Corey Hamm. She has also received master classes with esteemed musicians such as Jane Coop, Louie Lortie, and Angela Cheng.

Natalie has won numerous awards, prizes, and scholarships at many provincial, national, and international competitions. Most recently, she won the Seattle Young Artists’ Music Festival, winning her the opportunity to play with the Philharmonia Northwest Orchestra of Seattle. Other awards include the top scholarship award at the Senior Secondary Piano Competition in 2010, the Silver Award at the Seattle International Piano Competition, and second runner-up at the 2009 Stravinsky Awards Piano Competition of North America. She has also been the two-time winner of the BC Provincial Performing Arts festival. Natalie has also been given an Arts Award by the BC Arts Council, in recognition of her artistic achievements and her contributions to the cultural community.

Natalie made her debut with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra at the age of 13, performing as a piano soloist in April 2007. She performed again with the same orchestra in June of the same year. In May 2010, Natalie appeared as a soloist with the Philharmonia Northwest in Seattle, with Chopin’s Concerto in E minor. The following year, she was invited to perform with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra with Mozart’s Concerto in D minor. Natalie has also been invited to perform at various showcases and charities, including the 2010 Winter Olympics.

In addition to her solo work, Natalie has also been involved in chamber music. She is pianist of the Benvolio Trio, with violinist Jessy Kim and cellist Susie Yoo. The trio won numerous chamber ensemble competitions including the Friends of Chamber Competition in 2010 and also the BC Provincial Performing Arts Festival the same year.