Luis Ramirez

rsz_head_shot_luis_ramirezOriginally from Aguascalientes, México, Luis started playing the piano when he was just 6 years old.  Since then he has played as a soloist in most of the cultural venues of the city including the Pedro de Alba Auditorium at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes,  Morelos  Theater,  Casa  Terán,  Contemporary  Art  Museum  of Aguascalientes, and many others. He has also performed in different parts of the country such as the Arts Center of San Luis Potosí as well as abroad, in the Lorne Watson Recital Hall at Brandon University in Manitoba, Canada. Luis has performed many times as soloist or accompanist and is particularly passionate about chamber music. In 2010 he participated in the VIth Piano Biennialin Baja California, receiving generous comments for his outstanding performance. In 2011 he debuted as a soloist  with the Autonomous University of  Aguascalientes Orchestra  under  conductor  Javier  González.  In  2013  and  2014  he  entered  the Brandon Festival of the Arts where he has been awarded six 1st Place certificates, three main scholarships, and the Western Manitoba Tudor Bowl for his outstanding talent.His  main  instructors  have  been  Fernando  Olmos,  Alain  del  Real,  Megumi Masaki  and Alexander  Tselyakov.  He has  received  masterclasses  from renowned piano teachers such as Alexander Pashkov,  Marta Renart,  Georgy Tchaidze,  JaneCoop, Kyung Kim and James Anagnoson. He  started  his  Bachelor  studies  at  the  Autonomous  University  of Aguascalientes, but in 2012 he won a full scholarship to study at Brandon University in  Canada.  He is  currently finishing the final  year of his  undergraduate degree, having  maintained  his  full  ride  scholarship,  under  the  ins

Paraprosdokian no. 1, 2, 3 – Luis Ramirez

Debussy Estampes – Luis Ramirez

Prokofiev Sonata no. 7 – Luis Ramirez

Beethoven Sonata op. 109 in E – Luis Ramirez

Playing piano with the fingernails! First Steps, by Luis Ramirez – 2014

Piano Concerto no. 2, D. Shostakovich. Luis Ramirez – 2014

Piano Concerto no. 2, Shostakovich. Luis Ramirez with Brandon University Orchestra

Toccata, Horacio Uribe. Luis Ramirez, piano

Rapsodia Cubana, Manuel M. Ponce. Luis Ramírez, piano

Luis Ramirez. Recital de piano, Auditorio Pedro de Alba

Four-hands Piano recital. Luis Ramirez & Jesse Plessis

Canada Recital. Luis Ramirez. Part 1

Alborada del Gracioso – Maurice Ravel. Luis Ramirez

Balaboo – by Luis Ramirez

Chopin Waltz, op. posth, Luis Ramirez

Luis Ramirez, Vision fugitives – Serguei Prokofiev

Luis Ramirez, Danza de la Moza donosa – Ginastera

Colour trip no. 3 – Luis Ramirez

Luis Ramirez, Toccata – Herman Galynin

Canada Recital. Luis Ramirez. Part 2

Luis Ramirez, Suggestion Diabolique – Prokofiev

Stravinsky – Sonata for two pianos, Luis and Catherine

Luis Ramirez, China Gates – John Adams

Luis Ramirez, Appassionata Ist mov. – L. van Beethoven

Luis Ramirez, Toccata – Prokofiev

Luis Ramirez, Prelude and Fugue in B flat minor – J.S.Bach

Balaboo, European premiere. – Luis Ramirez and Maddy Hildebrand

Luis Ramirez, Appassionata 2nd&3rd mov. – L. van Beethoven

Música de Prokofiev, Luis Ramirez