Hyoung-Joon Jo

Hyoung-Joon Jo is a Korean cellist.

Hyoung-Joon Jo studied in Berlin (Kleif Carnarius), Pavia/Italy (Enrico Dindo) and Dresden (Emil Rovner).
He has been awarded various prizes at  international competitions in Kuldiga/Latvia, Thessaloniki/Greece and Montalto Ligure/Italy. Also he has played as a soloist with the HfM Dresden Brassband Orchestra, Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz and as a chamber musician in Germany(Beethovenfest Bonn), Italy(Casalmaggiore Festival) and England.
Currently he is studying as the Cellist of the Abel String Quartet under the tutelage of Prof. Christoph Poppen and Prof.Hariolf Schlichtig in Munich.