Belle WANG

Learning music is both challenging and rewarding, an experience that projects a significant impact to one’s life. With this music camp, I hope to further my learning as well as develop a deeper understanding about music. Not only do I want to be in a learning community where I can be associated with many outstanding musicians, my goal is to be able to combine all the different aspects of the camp into one. At the end, I believe I will be a better musician because of this intriguing and challenging camp. I started learning violin at age seven. My mom asked my older sister if cello was right for me, but my sister thought my hands were too small for a cello. As a result, my mom actually put me on a piano bench when I was barely two. Following that was hours and hours of practice daily, even on weekends and holidays. Progressively, I started learning the scales, chords, and musicality. Learning how to play an instrument takes a lot of commitment. After getting up from bed, I am immediately asked to practice my scale before going to school. Putting down my book bag after school, I immediately have to pick up my violin while my peers are playing with one another. When others are hanging around at the malls during the weekend, I am practicing at home. When others are enjoying their vacations with school work behind them, I am carrying my violin into the hotel room. From time to time, I really wanted to give up. I desired more playtime just like my classmates. However, my time was fully occupied with my daily practice, violin lessons, school orchestra, youth symphony orchestra, community performances. My life is like the jumping fingers on the strings which seems endless. Many times I have said “I hate violin!” People keep saying there are role models in life. I guess it is true. I eventually became a student of Mrs. Danwen Jiang, a professor of violin at Arizona State University. She not only meticulously taught me skills of violin, but also how to be a musical person in a society. I see how much she put into teaching me these skills. I also feel the passion that she puts into nurturing me as a musician. With hard work, I was able to exceed in learning violin. At age 12 in 2014, I won first place in the Arizona Musicfest Young Musicians Competition (Division 1),and American String Teachers Association State Solo Competition (Junior Division). In 2015 I have received awards as first place in the Phoenix Youth Competition (Junior Division), Vivaldi Concerto Competition, Philadelphia International Music Festival Solo Competition (Junior Division), as well as second place in the American String Teachers Association State Solo Competition (Senior Competition) and the Music Teachers National Association State Competition (Junior Division). Recently, I have also won the Superior Award in the high school regional solo audition. On Jan 23th,2016, I won first prize with the Chandler Symphony Orchestra Youth Competition. Because of that accomplishment, I will have the opportunity to play Ravel’s Tzigane with Chandler Symphony Orchestra in the Chandler Center of Arts in March, 2016. I also won second place( Junior Category) of the American protégé international Piano and String Competition 2016, and will perform Kreisler, Recitativo and Scherzo at Carnegie hall in May, 2016 As the youngest participant, I was accepted by the InterHarmony International Music Festival to perform with the most outstanding musicians from all around the world in Arcidosso, Italy in July 2014. In 2015, Arizona MusicFest presented me the opportunity to perform the Mendelssohn Concerto at the Musical Instruments Music Theater where I was featured as one of Arizona’s most talented young performers. In the summer, I attended the Philadelphia International Music Festival, where I studied with various members of the Philadelphia Orchestra for two weeks and was featured in many different master classes. Learning violin also enabled me to participate in school and community activities. I served as concertmaster of my school orchestra throughout my middle school years, and high school.. I also served as concertmaster for the Strings and Symphonette Orchestra of Phoenix Youth Symphony. I am a member of Arizona Sunshine Ensemble. Our Trio won the first place ( Junior Category) of the American Protégé International Piano & String Competition 2016. We played in Community centers. Through these activities, I was able to sharing the musical experiences with others and serve our local community.
Shen XINLIN, China (violino)
(Practice Tracks: 1.Concerto No.1 in A minor Bach 2.Violin Concerto No.3 in G major k216 Mozart 3.Symphonie espagnole Violin op.21 Lalo 4.Concerto in D minor for 2 violins Bach 5.Sonata I BWV 1001 Presto Bach 6.G minor BWV 782 Bach)