Miriam Koby

Miriam Koby, age 16, is from Kent, Ohio, USA. She has been studying violin since age seven under Dr. Hristo Popov.
Miriam has taken part in many competitions, receiving such honors as Semifinalist in the Ensemble du Monde Young Artists Concerto Competition in New York City (2013), State Representative for Ohio in the Music Teachers National Association Senior String Competition (2018), and winner of the Akron Youth Symphony Concerto Competition (2018), where she performed the first movement of the Mendelssohn Concerto. Music festivals attended include InterHarmony International Music Festival (Italy 2012, Germany 2015), and Casalmaggiore Festival 2016. She has served as Concertmaster at Lutheran Summer Music, Akron All-City Musical, and Akron Youth Symphony.
Miriam has experience in composition and conducting, working under several instructors and mentors. She also sings in youth choir and studies piano. She is homeschooled and plans to study violin performance after graduating in 20