Julia HART



Julia Hart
Julia Hart was born in 1992 in Japan, grew up in London and started playing the violin at the age of 7. She finds that the violin offers her a never-ending stream of possibilities to explore variations in expression and interpretation, according to the historical period, place and performer. She is excited and stimulated by these dynamic and diverse options which give her reason to believe that the art of performance is a lifelong project.
Julia has recently given recitals with her Trinity quartet (the Mizuki Quartet) in and around London, and also performs regularly with her duo partners Stephanie Legg (Saxophone) and Stephanie Cheung (Piano). She has played with a number of orchestras including the London Schools Symphony Orchestra and more recently the Southwark Sinfonia Orchestra and the University of London Symphony Orchestra.
Julia is currently studying on the Masters programme at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance where she is a Len Smith and Felicity Young Scholar. She recently performed and led the Trinity Laban Contemporary Group at a concert at the Institute of Contemporary Art featuring a variety of pieces by Trinity composers and teachers. She will soon be performing with the Trinity Baroque group at St. George’s in Hanover Square. She is currently studying with Diana Cummings. Before she entered Trinity her teacher was Estzer Boda-Katona.
At Trinity she has played in masterclasses given by Vasko Vassilev and Kazuki Sawa. Her quartet has had coaching from the Brodsky, Carducci and Wihan Quartets.
Aside from music, Julia enjoys reading in both English and Japanese, and enjoys many different cuisines, especially Vietnamese and Italian. She enjoys her job as an assistant violin teacher at a Saturday music school for children. She has a great love for children’s literature and hopes her future career will combine children’s literature with music making.