Chi Sang PARK


Chi Sang __PARK

Chi Sang PARK ( violin , viola )
Graduated from Seoul National University in Korea,
Essen Folkwang Musikhochschule in Germany,
Mainz Gutenberg University in Germany.(Konzertexamen)

Studies with Namyun Kim, Mintcho Mintchev,
Anne Shih, Denes Zsigmondy, Viktor Pikayzen.

Prize-winner of major competitions in Korea.
2003-2004 Geust Concertmaster in Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra.

2005-2008 1st Violin of Ensemble Clasia.
String-Trio Concerts with Prof. Anne Shih in Korea.
2009 Organized Duo Essen with his wife Mihseon Bahk(violinist)
Released their CD “For Elise” (2010),
Duo Essen Recital in Berlin Philharmonie Chamber hall(2015)
2010 Geust Concertmaster in Pohang Symphony Orchestra.
2012-2014 Concertmaster in Gyeongbuk Provincial Symphony Orchestra.
2004- Faculty member of Kyungpook National University
and Keymyung-F.Chopin Academy of Music in Deagu, Korea.